Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lego Update March

Here's an update on the my recent lego addition and a quick look at the local lego store (Mar 13 Sunday). Last Friday, 6 star wars minifigures purchased on ebay arrived they are added to my current minifigs population, with the first ewok wicket and extra Admiral Ackbar.
Check 21 Feb 2011 post on Lego Ewoks.
Lego Ewoks

Current Lego City police display at the store. Move the magnifying glass and identify the criminal. The display was kind of low (height) they are just for kids.

the lego criminals each holding an item, including carrot & fish

Pharaoh's Quest new release display, the pyramid, taking a close look, the vehicle with the attached machine gun was kind of crappy in terms of design. I'm sure they can do better than this.

new Lego Promotion Poster for Pharaoh's Quest
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Lego Posters 2011

For Japanese visitors especially those affected, our thoughts are with you after the big earthquake. Take care and the world will do their best to help, Japan has always been the first to send aid to other countries when nature disasters strike, this time Japan will not be alone.

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