Friday, February 4, 2011

Lego Fan from Italy

Lego City from Salvo (Italy)

spotted a few classic lego city sets

See the unique hospital!!
it is certainly nicer than the lego hospital set.
I like his stadium too!

First A Very Happy Chinese New Year (Year of Rabbit) to everyone, for the last 2 days i was visiting friends & relatives.

Yesterday i received an email from an AFOL from Italy, we had a nice conversation. He send me pictures of his Lego city collection, rather than enjoying it myself, i guess it will be great to share here with friends from all over the world. A very nice CITY! (well from the size, it is certainly not a town)

In the first blog post last May, i welcomed readers to send me their lego collection pictures or any Lego MOC, it will be great to share with everyone!

Drop your comments below on this lego city :)

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