Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lego at Singapore HMV (5 Feb)

At Cityhall yesterday meeting friends, while waiting, i walked to the HMV store to check up the latest music & movies. Was surprise that Lego was on sale too. I was tempted to buy the castle brickmaster, well i restrained from doing so, got to save money for the new kingdoms & PoC sets later this year. The Pirates, Castle, Altantis Brickmaster is selling for S$26.95, i can say it is a good buy, i bought the pirates for about S$38 earlier :(

The Altantis activity book with a minifigure, together with Lego City book, was for sale at buy 2 for $20, again cheaper than what i paid earlier.

Check the next post shortly, Salvo Gallo had send me more pictures of his collection, it is much bigger than i thought.


  1. huh.. HMV selling Lego? that's new to me..

    now Metro having 20% discount on Lego set though

  2. hi Alan... surprise right :)

    yes i know about the sales.