Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Christmas Gifts, Join in the FuN!

To be given away to LegoAsia readers

LegoAsia is giving out 2 lego christmas packs to our readers/visitors as Christmas present. Will ship worldwide for both items.

It is simple to take part, all you have to do is post your comments below this post.

Yes I want to join.

Example if your name is James Miller, just put JM, follow by your country UK for example.

Yes I want to join.

After you have posted the comment, drop me an email at, with your actual name. Once I collected all the names, I will place them in a box and draw 2 lucky winners on the last day. Announcement will be make here, winners will be contacted via email for your mailing address.

The contest starts today and will be open for the next 6 days.

The last name to be accepted will be on 14 Dec. Hopefully the winner can receive it before Christmas!

Will see the how's the response, if it is good, I will just add a few more items :)

Contest Rules:

* All names that are send to my email will be strictly confidential, I do not use your name/email for any other purposes. Only the name of the 2 winners will be announced on the blog, (I will not post their full name).

* Do not post more than once in the comment box or send multiple emails to me, each reader will just be counted as 1. Please be fair and everyone will have a fair chance of winning.


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