Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lego Sales is Here again

Received the email yesterday. The big sales is here again, up to 65% off, first day for card members only. Unlike last year, where I reached at exactly 11am.. and had to wait about 15 mins to go in after the 1st round purchased. This year I will be slightly earlier, probably around 9 or 10am.

But I learn from fellow lego fans, they are going to start to queue at 7-8 am. Some even at 6:30 am. I anticipate there will be more stock as compared to last year, where everything was sold out on the 1st day. It was supposed to open for the public over the weekends, with no stocks replenishments nothing was left. The Saturday sale ended before noon, with a miserable few sets..

Will be there tomorrow, just to check if there are any sets that I want. My guess is the avaliable sets are mainly City, probably Altantis, Prince of Persia and others.

I have my digital camera with me, so visit the blog again for more pictures of the sales itself.

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