Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Singapore Students to get free LEGO sets to commemorate SG50

This great piece of news is just released an hour ago. All the students & teachers in Singapore will receive a set of Lego "Building My SG" building bricks to commemorate Singapore's Golden Jubilee.

The bricks can be used in class to construct 3 iconic Singapore Landmarks - Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Airport and Garden by the Bay, each small set is representing a distinctive aspect of Singapore. Those in primary, secondary, special education, junior collages, ITE and polytechnics will receive their sets progressively by National Day.

 Kids be careful of the small is hard to replace if lost!

It is just wonderful to be in school today! 600,000 sets are produced and will be given out free to all the students and teachers. I was informed that a secondary market had already started and people are profiting from this (selling online). Each set cost more than $100. IF you received this set, treat it as a present PLEASE do not sell. This is a gift from the nation afterall. It came once every 50 years!!! 

There will be a review of this set on the blog. My nephew & niece will be getting 1 set each. So stay tune.

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