Friday, January 23, 2015

Lego 7622 Indiana Jones Race for the Stolen Treasure Set Review

Managed to fix this set today, purchased from New Zealand about a week ago. This is the lego set i always wanted to get. Had a great time fixing the pieces, the designers came up with some cool techniques in creating these vehicles.

This Indiana Jones set is from the movie theme Raiders of the Lost Ark. It had a retail price of USD 29.99 back in 2008, i think Singapore was priced around $79. Now in 2015, it is an expensive set. The price on ebay is shocking.. but i got it at a very attractive price elsewhere :)

Will give Indy a miss here. Focus on the German vehicles which i liked most.

the jeep with the mounted machine gun 

The default machine gun was replaced with one of the brickarm heavy machine gun (got them sometime ago)

the lego weapon is just too big and ugly..

motorcycle is from the set 7620

The German troopers preparing for an assault

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