Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lego 30201 Monster Fighters GHOST and Haunted House

Take a look at the Monster Fighters Polybag 30201 Ghost. This pack can be an add-on for the haunted house, the grandfather clock can just be placed inside the building.


Maybe i will snap more pictures of the haunted house later... 

Placed the grandfather clock at the entrance, found this is the only available space.


 zombie chef in the kitchen

 study room

 the minifigures from haunted house

zombie chef with a chopper (which i think should be included in the set) with series 1 zombie

Dracula from the haunted house had the evil look (which i prefered) as compared to the earlier minifigure version, similiar to Frankenstein

House warming, with the guests arriving... i missed out the witch and series 8 Vampire bat

Witch hopes to get a house-cleaning job in the haunted house... so she arrives with the broom

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