Monday, October 1, 2012

Lego 30196 Shell Ferrari Shell F1 Team Special Exclusive Pack Review

Bought the 30196 Shell F1 Team over the weekend, to get this pack, motorist are required to pump the Shell V-Power at approx. $2.50 per litre. Motorist are entitled to buy 1 pack at S$10.95 for every $50 spend on V-power. They are selling this limited polybag over a period of 2 days, by Monday, most of the petrol station had ran out of stock.

This exclusive pack first appear in Hong Kong & Macau. Singapore being the 3rd place to get it.

Consist of 46 pieces, are required to apply the stickers on the minifigures torso.

The 3 minifigures, a Ferrari Race Mechanic, a Ferrari Refueling Engineer and a Shell Track Scientist

The 30196 Shell F1 Team set


The scientist giving a briefing. A look at the back of the minifigures.

 For the pictures below : Included the 8673 Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop minifigures and some of the accessories

F1 team meeting and update

V-Power Petrol for F1 car

the scientist working in her lab

Coming up in the next post will be a review on the lego 10228 haunted house which we just built last weekend


  1. I have about LEGO hope you'll find what they're looking for Other LEGO set

  2. wow! now i think i need 3 set of this! :D