Friday, January 13, 2012

Minifigures Series 6 Pictures

my 8 series 6 them from "touch & feel" only 1 minotaur (pure luck)

Currently i have a total of 10 Series 6 minifigures, the other 2 extras are the roman guard & bandit.

the four MUST HAVE figures for most of us...

evolution... of the cows

one of the favourite, a gang of bandits?

Prefer an injection from Series 1 nurse or from the surgeon?

possible to build a highlanders army? braveheart??

the most wonderful figure ever..

it will better to own a pair of roman guards, however i think the shields are too small..
the spear is from the earlier series Indian chief, head is from 2008 kingdoms

william wallace.. shall i build an army for him?

black bandit on a black horse

drop any comments below. thank you!

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