Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lego 4189 POTC Black Pearl Review

4189 Black Pearl
Retail Price: US $99.99/UK £84.99/ SGD 189.90

Number of pieces:
7 minifigures (including the black woman statue)

Date of released:
1 Nov 2011

On a Sunday afternoon, i spend less than 1 hr to fix this set, i won't say this is a superb piece, what is special about this ship is being black throughout (i do like it) plus nice minifigures, Davy Jones & Maccus the hammerhead being my favourite. I don't really get the "wow" factor while fixing the ship, at around 800 pieces, in my opinion it is just too few pieces to really enjoy the building process. QAR has 1094 pieces, that is almost 3oo pieces more!

For local buyers who are getting this ship, i would recommend buying it at 20% off (which i got mine), or if you can't wait then at least get a 10% off. At $189.90, it is on the high side, a breakdown of $0.23 per piece.

the minifigures from this set

Comparing with the minifigures from Queen Anne's Revenge

QAR & Black Pearl, the new set has a glossy box

The free poster from this set (printed on both side)

there are 6 packets, each packet will have 1 minifigure

the minifigures including the black woman statue

black pearl comes with 2 canons... she can't win any sea battles!

Remarks: This is the first time i'm using D7000 to capture pictures for a lego review, i'm unable to take close up pictures has i don't have the right lens at the moment. I will be adding more pictures of the ship interior on this post (using my old panasonic Lumix).
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  1. Awesome!! This look like a real galleon miniature that usually made by wood yet this made by lego.

  2. yes John, i had the ship display on my working desk now :)