Friday, September 9, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 5, Collect 'em ALL! (Breakdown Info)

thanks to a friend, i got the 16 minifigures!

this is one of the best series, many are instant favourite

will post more series 5 minifigures pictures in the next post

The breakdown for a box of 60 figures
  • Ancient Egyptian Woman 3
  • Boxer 5
  • Cavewoman 4
  • Fitness Dancer 4
  • Detective 4
  • Dinosaur Suit Man 5
  • Dwarf 3
  • Eskimo 3
  • Gangster 3
  • Grenadier Guard 5
  • Lumberjack 3
  • Male Snowboarder 3
  • Murmillo 3
  • Small Clown 4
  • University Graduate 3
  • Zookeeper 5
This time round, the minifigures breakdown is quite good in my opinion. There are at less 3 sets per box. Unlike the earlier series where we only got 2 elf and 2 spartan in a box of 60 minifigures. There are 5 grenadier guard & dinosaur suit man (which are popular figures) from the box (most likely other boxes will be having the same breakdown). Lego should continue give a good breakdown like series 5. We are aware of the earlier frustration of being unable to get the spartan and elf from retail (but i think i managed to do so when there was a new box)

Hope you guys got the minifigures you want. Post your comments below.

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