Thursday, September 29, 2011

853340 Lego Wedding Bride Groom Minifigures with Table Decoration Review

Update: Received a call today 30th Sept, the lego wedding set is now temporary removed from the Singapore market by lego. Reason: there are some defects in this set. I had opened this set and i wonder what's the problem.

A review of the Lego Wedding Set, 853340. Total of 24 pieces. It was available in Singapore for a short 2 days in a shop, and was sold out. I presume this set will be widely avaliable in store shortly.

Was checking the price on US ebay, this morning a set was sold for USD31 (exclude postage). The average price was around USD25-28. So there are buyers who are willing to pay around USD30 (excluding shipping fees)!

lego using 3M now. i guess this is the first set to incorporate 3M.

2 additional hair for the bride

the body torso for the groom is similiar to that of the minifigure series 1 magician

Overall this set will probably appeal to female fans. Who knows, these figures might just appear on the wedding cake of an AFOL couple soon, i'm sure there will be pictures of them on the net.

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