Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego or Vintage?

The New Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965 (SGD 329.90)
nice, but out of budget :P

I always thought that spending on classic vintage toys is a much more expensive hobby as compared to buying toys off the shelves at retail. The time, energy & luck in getting the vintage piece is certainly 100 times more challenging than just buying a toy off the shelf. Now this new Lego SW (plus all license products) are over-rated and definitely overpriced.

the new minifigures

it all began in 1979....

This picture was taken back in 2006, when i aquired the 1979 Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship MIB (including cardboard inserts), figures are not included. It cost less than the new Lego MF (factor in inflation & price today), even if i were to include the 6 loose perfect mint condition figures. The R2-D2 can easily be more than USD 20, a 1979 Luke will not be less than USD 25. A C9.5 Ben around USD 25. The six figures are valued between USD 100 - 120. For vintage stuff, the price is constant and had appreciated over the years.

This photo had been used by dozens on the internet even appearing in youtube clips, gathered more than 5,000 pageviews on flickr. (5.8k views when i checked today). A 1979 rare almost perfect box MF, more than 30 years old.

my photostream

In terms of collection value, i knew lego cannot be compared with others. Lego is for fun and play. But the real value of lego (in terms of price) is certainly not there, it is not worth that in my opinion. Price is always determined by actual demand and how rare an item is, and whether someone is willing to pay the price. Spending $300... i'm skipping this.

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