Monday, July 25, 2011

Lego Western 6769 Fort Legoredo 1996 Review

Here is a 2 part series on Lego Western 6769 Fort Legoredo, this 1996 set has 639 Parts, 10 Minifigs. I received the set from Canada last week at a very good price. A few missing pieces, i managed to buy them separately before the surface mail arrive, however there are more missing pieces. At the moment i'm short of a blue hat & a cannon, plus 6 x Reddish Brown Brick, Modified 1 x 2 Log (used to join the fort together at the edge).

Hundreds pieces of Reddish Brown Brick, Modified 1 x 2 Log & 1 x 4 log

missing 1 blue hat which i will add in shortly

the 3 bandit, the centre guy is a poker player

front view of the fort

the side gate

Headquarters Cabin

the poker table, by turning the table the seat will drop causing the minifigure to fall into the prison below.

Coming next will be the 2nd part review, with more pictures

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