Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pirates 10040 Black Seas Barracuda (2002)

The 1st lego pirate ship was released in 1989 - Legoland 6285 Black Seas Barracuda. I was in secondary school at that time, my classmate bought this ship and i went to his house to have a look. It was out of my budget, i think the retail price was S$189.90 at that time. Instead i bought the 5 pirates minifigures box 6251 at $10.90 and that was almost my one week allowance.

Legoland 6251 Pirates mnifigures S$10.90 in 1989 (picture from brickset)

It was Re-released as Legends set 10040 in 2002, shown here. The original 6285 complete set without box cost between USD 200-300 now.

This ship belongs to my nephew, bought at the lego warehouse sales for SGD 100. Lego almost close shop in Singapore due to its high prices, and there are clearance sales back then.

lego was so generous with the canons back then, comes with 4 canons.

The sister ship Skull Eye Schooner was released about 4 years later with black & white sails.

6286 The Skull Eye Schooner (1993, 8 Minifigures)
We don't have pictures of 6285 & 6286 together at the moment.

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