Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lego Fabuland Part 3

fabuland figures that arrived last Saturday

When this blog was created, a mom send me an email saying her pre-school kid enjoyed checking at the blog and she had to visit the blog almost everyday. Right now, there are children from all over the world visiting the blog, that resulted in me creating a few posts on Lego Fabuland. Not on Dulop, but Fabuland is one of the theme i'm interested in.

Fabuland 3709 Harry Horse is a carpenter 1983
a rare set and the current price is definitely not cheap (got it at a good price from UK)

Walter warlus

Bonnie rabbit

Barty Bulldog Fire chief and the earlier Buzzy Bulldog postman
there is another bulldog policeman

Bonnie Rabbit, Catherine Cat and Patricia Piglet (the ladies in Fabuland)

May 11 Fabuland
Lego Fabuland Part 2

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