Friday, May 27, 2011

Lego Castle Pictures

here are some castle pictures for the weekend, i'm more of a castle and pirate fan.

The orcs are feeling the strain of feeding their pet troll used in battles, in order to satisfy her big appetite, they have to raid the villages almost every week for more drumsticks. Added a loose troll last week

Received the set 7009 The Final Joust from US yesterday, back in 2008 when i started to collect Castle, i gave this set a miss, bought 7090 & 7091 instead. I combined these few sets for a photo shoot today.

grey knight giving up his ride to the golden knight
Horse & knight from 7009

The king giving his blessing before battle.
golden knight is from 7079 drawbridge defense, the king is from 7078 King's Battle Chariot.

preparing for battle

Battling the skeleton warriors

have a great weekend!

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