Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lego Asia Is ONE today!

HApPy BiRthDay!

Yes this is a Lego cake, with the batman theme! ONE year old today!

Happy Birthday to LegoAsia, thank you for your support

Lego Asia is one year old today 25 May.

In one year, there are a total of 228 blog posts (including this post), an average of 19 posts per month. The best part is more than half of the posts included pictures taken by myself, with watermark on each picture. This helps when people google search on some of the lego pictures and indirectly visited LegoAsia, one way to increase blog traffic.

The main reason to the increase traffic is largely due to Lego Asia being able to produce the latest information update. The Lego Minifigures Series 4 Barcode (currently the No.1 popular post) has more than 11,000 pageviews. Other popular posts are Kingdoms Medieval Windmill
2011 updates, Modular Pet Shop, Pirates of the Carribbean Black Pearl and Lego Promotion posters.

The breakthrough came when i obtained the individual pictures of Minifigures Series 5 from Lego, Lego Asia was the first blog to post these pictures. Some shared the pictures on their website, blogs & forums in US, Russia and Europe,
and indirectly fans got directed to the blog. This put Lego Asia in the lead of being able to obtain first information release from Lego.

A total of 132 countries had visited this blog in 1 year

On 23 May, i noticed that there are visitors from 15 different countries checking the blog at the same time.

Looking back at the begining, during the first few months when the blog was created, there are less than 10 visitors per day (for around 3 months, there are less than 30 visitors per day!), slowly it reaches around 100 unique visitors, it stay constant for quite a while, follow by an increase to 200, kind of stable averaging 200- 300 visitors per day. Today, there are an average of 500 -600 visitors per day (i'm pretty please with it, i knew first hand how hard it's to get visitors to your blog and maintain the traffic, there are millions of blog out there with thousands on lego alone) I'm confident that it can improve further. There is a great demand for interesting posts and information, and i hope each lego visitor will be happy when they check the blog and they will be back again.

I have received dozens of friendly emails from Lego Lovers (or lego fans) all over the world, kind encouragements, praises, appreciation and interesting questions. Thank you, i really appreciate the kind gestures and friendly messages for this certainly keep me going. Each unique visitors keep the blog going and it will continue, for it is never tiring on this lego passion.

Here's the first lego blog post on my hedgehog blog, then i realised it's better to have a lego blog: Lego Medieval Market Village Review 18 Mar 2010

Thank you for your support!

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