Friday, May 6, 2011

Lego 10218 Pet Shop avaliable in US

for modular collectors, here's another set you guys need to get! I just saw this post on toysnbricks. There is no information on how soon we will have them in Singapore, estimate to cost around SGD300.

10218 Pet Store is a LEGO Exclusives Modular Houses set that is expected in May 2011. According to a Dutch LEGO shop, the set contains two buildings. One is a mansion (being painted by a painter) and the other part is a pet store. The set has several minifigures, a green bike, several animals including two parrots, a German shepherd dog, a new orange fish, and a brown cat. (from lego wikia)

US Retail Price 149.99
2032 pcs

More pictures here (latest picture update on 5 May)
Lego Pet Shop Tazmandvl1's Flickr Photostream

Source from Toys N Bricks

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