Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singapore AFOL's Lego Room

I'm delighted that a local Lego fan had allowed me to share his lego room pictures with everyone. A delicated special room just for Lego Fun!

I believe here are just some of his collection, not all are on display

Homer Simpson is a replica of the original work by Sean Kenney, the prolific and legendary Lego Master Builder, world's first Lego Certified Professional. (seankenney.com)

Road Runner & Marvin the Martian are instant favourite!
Plus the guru in meditation posture on the top shelf.

3450 Statue of Liberty Sculpture was released in 2000. It contained 2,899 pieces, stands 33" high and at the time was the largest lego set produced. White bricks were used instead of the original sand green.

working table with tons of Lego behind

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