Monday, March 28, 2011

Lego Modular Cafe Corner & Fire Brigade MOCs

Cafe Corner or just call it a Hotel. Reminds me of London Harrod's
picture source:

Tonight i was checking some of the lego modulars, here are some of the interesting pictures on what AFOLs did in extending their modular buildings. (when you have more than 1 set, having time & patience sourcing for the extra bricks and importanly having the necessary storage/display space).

LEGO modular fan Groomy1978 has combined a few sets side-by-side to create this four-bay mega modular.

used at least 2.5 sets of fire brigade.

Here's a classic fire station created by markmuel on Brickshelf. A six-bay modular that can house 6 fire-engines (vehicles). Classic!

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