Saturday, February 26, 2011

Malaysia Legoland Update News 27 Feb

A report on today Sunday Times Life Section 27 Feb, Legoland across the Causeway.

Across the causeway, on behalf of readers not from Asia, Singapre & Malaysia are linked by 2 causeways, to go to this Legoland in Johor, we will take the shorter route using the 2nd Link Causeway which is just 15 mins drive from my current place. I will be planning for a trip when it opens next year!

With the western style modular houses of Green Grocer & Cafe Corner, well Asia has it unique row of traditional shophouses. Left to right KLinik Lee (Klinik means Clinic in Malay), Kedah Tayar Sen LYim (Tyre shop, Sen Lyim (meaning business in dialect), Kedah is a state in Malaysia), Pancy's White Coffee Bistro and Pin Pin Hair Cut.

I don't have a scanner, i had taken pictures of the content for reading.
30 million bricks used with 15,000 lego model structures!

Legoland targeting kids from 2 to 12 years old..well many AFOL will visit the place too!


  1. Kedai Tayar means tyre shop. "I" not "h" at the end

  2. Thanks Bernard, will change it :)