Friday, January 28, 2011

Lego Shopping Jan 28

Lego 2011 catalog

Was in town today, so went to check out the new lego.

Purchased the new railway track 7499 and 2 key chains at the lego store, requested for the new posters (the staff know me by now), the new ninjago ninjas posters are nice (fire & ice).

Walked to toyrus after leaving Taka, checking the minifigures displayed at the counter. The box at TRU was almost full, so i thought there might be a chance to get sometime interesting. I managed to buy an elf & a fisherman!! (there are only 3 elf and 2 fisherman per box of 60)

I bought 5 extra Indians (need the spear) and the rapper x 2. Having searched my own lego minifigures box, was kind of expert now in "feeling" the pack. It is tedious but at least was rewarded with an elf.

Enjoy the pictures here :)

The coming new theme, PoC & Cars

The minifigures S3 & S4. Clearer pictures of Series 4 (orange pack)

Ice Skater, having the sliver trophy.

The 2 new NINJAGO Poster.

the 2 keychains i bought today
Ninjago Sensei Wu
and Pharohs Quest Anubis Guard

The set 7896 had been taken off shelves, replaced with the new flexible tracks 7499.

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