Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Preview

*Pictures removed*

Lego 4193 Pirates of the Caribbean The London

4194 White Cape Bay and 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge (very nice sail!)
Pirates fans will surely add this ship, together with the Imperial Flagship we can create a little battle.

I have updates last night, the sets are now on sale at a Dutch online toy store (the pictures are really small). A total of 9 boxes, attached 3 pictures here, for the rest you can check on the link provided.

The retail price for Lego Pirates of The Caribbean are going to be very expensive because of licensing agreement with Disney. Will blog on the prices when I'm informed.

These 3 sets looks really exciting and i can see a lot of fun playing with it, will see how it goes in June. More pictures update shortly, this year is really awesome for lego fans.

* The pictures including the link had been removed on 19 Jan.
Will update this post again with pictures once it is appropriate to post

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