Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 3 LegoAsia Review

here are the series 3 minifigures. Rapper is one of the coolest guy, a minifigure head on his cap.

Elf is my favourite. Using the spartan helmet from S2 looks good too

Caveman with spear

The Native Indians now & then. I still prefer the classical ones (a serious face). The current Indian Chief is too young and looks more like a kid (maybe this indian chief works in the circus)

The Ninja (S1) and The Samurai. I am sure there are people building an army on these Japanese warriors.

The 16 figures. As usual the breakdown is really bad, with only 2 figures each for the fisherman and snowboarder in a box.

Check the flower on the hula girl's hair. Following cheerleaders, AFFOL might go into collecting a team of hula girls.

The 3 Girls in Series 3

Here are the minifigures breakdown from my box (in Singapore). I have information that the subsequent S3 release will have at least 3 sets per box, there might be 4 fishermen.

Pilot 5
Race Car Driver 5
The Mummy 5
Sumo Wrestler 5
Alien 5
Tennis Player 4
Baseball Player 4
Samurai 4
Gorilla 4
Space Pirate (Cyborg) 3
Elf 3
Rapper 3
Hula Girl 3
Indian Chief 3
The Fisherman 2
Snowboarder 2

Now the production line produced the same quantity of figures, and I still don't understand why the have only 2 figures in a box of 60! That is equivalent to a 3% chance of buying the elf and fisherman. Anyway, I know the staff at lego store Singapore removed these figures before putting them on sale. So there is no chance of buying them at all. To make it simple lego can just sell the 16 figures in a pack, so we get to collect them all.

Won't be buying a box for Series 4, too much to collect. Lego will be releasing S5, S6 and S7, about 2 series per year.

There was a post on Series 4 pictures on my blog. Readers can check them. S4 will be avaliable in Singapore this April.

Series 4 Minifigures here:
Series 4 Minifigures

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