Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lego Christmas 2010

3 days to Christmas, what is the lego set you guys wish to have? Or will you prefer to fix a new lego set on Christmas day. (this is what I intended to do)

Here are some of the Christmas theme from Lego: Holiday Train, Creator Xmas Tree & Snowman, the Winter Toy Shop and Winter Village Bakery.
The winter toy shop

The Winter Village Bakery

Train sets are always great Christmas presents...

10173 Holiday Train
is a Special Edition Holiday Trains set released in 2006. Included are 965 pieces, 7 minifigures, and accessories. It was only available for the 2006 Christmas Season.

it will be better if this train runs on the railway

How about a MOC train station?

i'm happy with my creator xmas tree & snowman :)

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