Saturday, November 6, 2010

At the Lego Shop on Sat (100th post)

First time visiting this Lego Shop near the city

This is the 100th post, since the blog was created at the end of May, there is a steady increase in visitors, thank you! As for today, a total of 95 countries with 4 unknown locations, had visited the blog, within a month it is going to reach 10,000 unique visitors from all over the world. Countries like San Marino (with 30k population), Aland Islands, Reunion, Liechtenstein (34k) and others, it is not easy to get visitors from these countries :)

Pageviews was on an exponential growth, in Oct there was more than 12k views, a huge increase from about 1k page views in Aug and less than 1k in Jun. So much on the blog current updates.

Here is the post on my visit to the lego shop yesterday (Friday), after lunch at a Japanese restaurant.

Well I find this castle helmet interesting, probably for kids around 5 years old

The skeleton mask for kids

Kingdoms shield for kids

Shop display - Hoth Battle

Plastic display case for minifigures is for sale
Imperial Flagship on display and the pirates

Lego Clown & Ninja guarding at the entrance

The shop beside is selling playmobil and other toys

More post coming... till then.

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