Monday, October 4, 2010

Imperial Flagship 10210

On Sunday, I made the decision to get this set, my brother made the purchase, we will probably share the ship, retail price in Singapore is $339.90 (member with 10% off). Buying it now, was because it will probably be no longer avaliable for sales in the next few months. A post on the flagship was made on May 28 and it took me more than 4 mths before going ahead to buy it. The major headache now is storage space, the ship will probably have to go right back into box after fixing.

The ship comes with 4 canons, probably need another 4 to make it complete/balance on both side. Will update more when the set is opened.

Back of the box


  1. Saw this same set in Holland village today and asked about the price. She told me it was selling for $599. what a rip off!!!!

  2. If you want to buy this ship, you can buy it quite cheaply on Singapore ebay. Or check out the local lego store, give them a ring before going down.