Monday, September 6, 2010

Lego Kingdoms 7952 Advent Calendar (2)

Archers are one of my favourite.. the new kingdoms body torso had great detailed designs on both front and back. Compared to a crownies from 2008-09 (Crown Knights).

The nobleman and new queen (getting more classy).
Both figures from Kingdoms Advent Calendar.

Castle Wizard is from 2008.. the wizard's head and leg (design is getting more detailed).

Witch from minifigures series 2. Frog & pot is from the calendar, this should go with the witch..

Another new pig from advent calendar..

This is the second post on the Kingdoms Advent Calendar, the review will cover more on the new figures.

In terms of quality, I'm more happy with it as compared to the Mini Figures Series 2, if collectors had the chance to get hold of a few figures (minifigures Series 2), I think you will agree with me, the quality is not as good as those from the 90s, although the details are good, but the plastic is kind of disappointing.. which remained me of the mass produced Made in China stuff.

Lego Kingdoms 7952 Advent Calendar are limited edition (released in fall 2010)

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