Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lego Tribal Chief & Rain Dance Ridge Review

An example of the lego box 6709 .. the items won are loose, complete & superb condition apart from a few used bricks. The minifigures are in excellent conditions.

Loose Tribal Chief

Lego System 6718 Rain Dance Ridge

Auction Lot 2. Complete loose Rain Dance Ridge. Enjoyed the black bow, arrow quiver and spear. Plus the 3 black rattlesnake

Auction Lot 1.. the tribal chief set with the additional 2 native Indians & canoe..

Design of the shields, represented by buffalo helmet and a running horse

Western Indians..

The Red Canoe..

The difference between the Mini Figures Series 1 Tribal Hunter and the classic Indian. Which figure do you prefer?

Tribal Chief & Medicine Man

Received the items in a box today.. purchase from UK ebay about 2 weeks ago. It was a good buy, won the auction on the 1st bid & 2nd bid, so the price was low. These are 1997 Lego System Western theme, the cowboys & native Indians...

Probably will look into building an Indian village, when I received my parts. But I guess having the lego teepee is necessary, plus the Indian native female figure which is kind of exclusive.

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