Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lego Mini Figures Series 2

Lego Mini Figures Series 2

The lego mini figures Series 2 is currently avaliable in US and part of Europe. For Singapore, it will be avaliable in September. Will update more pictures once my order arrived.

This series consist of the Mexican, Weightlifter, Pop Star, Skier, DJ, Judoka, Surfer, Pharoh, Spartan, Ringmaster, Witch, Vampire, Traffic Cop, Jungle Explorer, Lifeguard and Mime Artist.

From the response of most collectors, they are interested in getting the Spartan... as usual it is about building a little army of Spartan.

A LEGO Ambassador, confirms that (a) that series 2 will have identifying barcodes, (b) there will be a series 3 and (c) demand for series 1 has caught LEGO by surprise.

However it seems that series 3 and later will not have an identifying barcode on the packets! Is this good or bad? Personally I think it's terrible: you'll either be forced to buy loads to get what you want or simply pay a premium for specific figs on the secondary market.

For Series 3 it will probably be avaliable in Aug 2011 as posted on the lego sites.

Post on Series 1

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