Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lego City 3221 Truck Review

This truck is now one of my favourite... reminds me of lego delivery (picture updated 24 Aug). Added some lights (extra trans-red & yellow plate on the truck)

Lego City Truck 3221

Consist of 3 packets

The stickers... would like to have more lego boxes, 9 is insufficent...

Start building... pack 1

A little surprise..the driver's seat, bed for long distance driving and a flat TV

The bright yellow Lego Truck.. I will rate 9.5/10, now another storage problem... i had missed to fix the 2 the truck.

This set was purchased on the Friday sale, the 3221 Lego Truck, new released in July 2010. It is bright yellow and sure it brings a smile to the owner :) Promoting the truck. For City collectors, I'm sure this is a must have, you can use this truck to transport the lego to your cargo train! I'm afraid I am falling deeper into collecting city sets. However, I have imposed a "no buy" till next year, check 21 Aug post.

Singapore Retail Price SGD50.90, paid SGD29.90.
US Retail Price USD34.99

Number of pieces: 278
Set includes a drive and worker minifigures
Features 9 boxes and 1 trolley
Remove the truck top to see the bed and flat screen TV
Truck measures almost 39 cm long

Check the coming post on new lego updates..

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