Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lego 7195 Ambush in Cairo Review

This is the Indiana Jones small set Raiders of the Lost Ark, 7195 Ambush in Cairo. Nothing new, a 2009 set. I actually purchased it during my trip in Sydney last year. This week, I got an extra set at a discount so I have fun with it today :)

A fan of Indiana Jones Lego, but I just have 4 different sets from this series (other 3 sets are 7620, 7682 & 7683). All purchased at discount prices. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Let me know if you want me to review the 3 other sets.

The contents

Extra pieces

The characters: Marion Ravenwood, Indiana Jones, Cairo Swordsman, Cairo Thug
The cairo figures are actually having a darker tan.

If Lego could include the monkey... it will be better!

Marion is having 2 faces, a happy and an anxious one.

I love this machine gun!
And the Shanghai gangsters (Shanghai Chase 7682) were delighted with the added fire power! Guess this weapon is more suitable for them.

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